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Disabling Palm Sense on Elan Touchpads

I own a Laptop with a Elan Touchpad (which sucks) and since using the Touchpad while typing is not possible i looked through a few forums and found some registry entries to change.

Just download the File and apply it, and restart. After that you should be able to type and use the Touchpad at the same time.

hi there einfachzocken

heya , this is my first post as a new member . Im here mostly for the blog and the services and time to time ill be tweaking up the graphic design.

Deploying Material for MkDocs to Vercel

Since we are using Vercel for Hosting the Blog to make sure it dosen't go down when our Provider has issues, we thought we'd make a small tutorial on how to Deploy Material for MkDocs to Vercel

We asume you already connected your repo with vercel or set it up some other way.

  1. Go to the Vercel Dashboard and go the Build settings
  2. Enter the following values
Build Command: mkdocs build
Output Directory: site
Install Command: pip install urllib3==1.26.6 && pip install -r requirements.txt

When it's done it should something like this Image showing our Build settings 3. Click on save
4. Try running vercel and if the Build succeeds than you're done!

We hope this helped someone since we had this issue and found nothing online.

We have a new website (again)

This is not an April Fools joke, we really have a new website.

You may now ask yourself why, and the reason is we don't need a complex website and use Material for MkDocs is simple enough. (And we are bad at making Websites lol)